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StoryMap - the lands of the Mēxihcah

Teaching Indigenous communities

14 September 2021 | TMA

ArcGIS Cover Image of Stolen by Maria Guadalupe Partida

The Library of Congress used its collection to create a StoryMap about the Aztec Conquest and the arrival of "the white bearded visitors" to the lands of the Mēxihcah, which took place around 1519 or the beginning of the Early Modern period.

The story recounted by Maria Guadalupe Partida with material culture and maps of the indigenous people of Mexico also includes information from 1325 and the later Middle Ages. The school curriculum in Ontario includes learning about the Indigenous people and makes comparisons in the study of Ancient Civilizations with cultures from varies periods and countries with Indigenous communities. This ArcGIS is a great opportunity to learn about indigenous people outside of Canada to compare to the Indigenous communities in Canada.

​TMA shares this resource on our site for easy access. Teachers can have students in fifth grade read the frames of the ArcGIS after learning about the indigenous people in their own province and then write an essay discussing both communities. Teachers then can have students make more comparisons with other units of the Ancient Civilizations curriculum from the Daily Life section.

Resource for Teachers:

A frame from Stolen that includes a manuscript from the collection of the Library of Congress, Codex Azcatitlan

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TMA STaff. "StoryMap - the lands of the Mēxihcah: Teaching Indigenous Communities." Teaching the Middle Ages, September 14, 2021,ēxihcah.

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