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Arms, Armour, Horsmanship

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Thor by Schultz - Shot Number 6_edited.jpg
JOan of Arc by Julia Schultz.png
Outdoor Study Group

Thor Packet available
Elementary Novel Study & Ancient Civilizations Learning

May 2021

A Knight & Saint
Joan of Arc Packet
Elementary Novel Study & Ancient Civilizations Learning


Chaucer's The Knight's Tale
Reseources for High School



Editions of books to accompany teaching materials on our site and books by our contributors about the Middle Ages and other topics.

RL Green's Myths of the Norsemen with Thor Story

Myths of the Norsemen: Retold from the Old Norse Poems and Tales by R.L. Green

Text for Thor Packet

Teach students about Old Norse mythology and the origin of their favorite Marvel characters like Thor. This text was used to create the Thor packet.

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