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Middle Ages for Educators Website

A Resource Created by Princeton University for High School and College Students

09 February 2022 | TMA

Middle Ages for Educators (MAFE) offers developed materials for use in the classroom to teach the Middle Ages to high school students and for college students. The resources were created to support teachers during the pandemic to have visuals for virtual lessons. The site also offers video resources with introductions to medieval primary sources and to digital resources created by specialists in the field. The resources cover dates from 300-1500 C.E with a global reach that includes Western and Eastern worlds. Materials can be searched by century, era, geography, type of resource, and topics of interest. MAFE was founded by Sara McDougall, Laura Morreale, and Merle Eisenberg in April 2020. The three scholars of late antiquity and the Middle Ages collaborated with Princeton University’s Program in Medieval Studies and the Committee for the Study of Late Antiquity to make the resources available with a greater outreach.

Videos discuss the daily life of people living in varies cities and time periods. One video, for instance, discusses how to live in Cairo in the year 1000, a perfect talk for Ancient Civilizations curriculum and its various subtopics on daily life. See Marina Rustow's talk:


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