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Novel Studies & Theatre beyond the Middle Ages: Mary Poppins at the Young People’s Theatre, Toronto

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

With a Study Guide for Teachers

02 January 2019 | TMA

The magical English nanny is on stage at the Young People’s Theatre in Toronto for a few more days. Pamela Lyndons Travers’s book Mary Poppins was adapted into music by the Sherman brothers and appeared as a musical with the same name as the original text in the city of Bristol in 2004 as a trial production and has continued staging success for the last sixteen years, becoming a popular favorite for school productions. The Young People’s Theatre staged the Production of Disney and Cameron Macintosh’s Mary Poppins on Mainstage since November 5, 2018.

The theatre is providing a study guide for teachers to teach the play as it did last year with The Secret Garden. Reviews are suggestion that the play itself is not too juvenile and enjoyable by a diverse audience. This is a great novel for grades 4-6 and the musical allows for cross-curriculum discussions in literature, music, and drama. The show will ends on January 6, and even if teachers are unable to schedule a time for students to visit the theatre, the materials provided by the theatre are useful as novel study questions and activities for studying the novel in school.

A scene from the musical Mary Poppins at the YPT, Toronto (Photo of the cast by Cylla von Tiedemann; see Review:

Resource Materials for Teachers:

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